Brighton Beach/Coney Island Marriage Ceremony

These women genuinely appear as though they are ready to chill on the beach!

Last year, I experienced awful luck with my beach ceremonies: it kept raining!  Although it did sprinkle during this couple’s ceremony, which is why we took cover in the gazebo, the skies soon cleared.  I believe my luck has shifted.

By the way, with summer officially here, if you want to marry at this location, please choose a weekday in either the morning (best choice) or early evening (a second good choice).  Weekends are insanely busy and congested.  Every gazebo has a different DJ.  People line the boardwalk and beach alike.  I am not trying to discourage beach weddings in New York: I personally love marrying couples alongside the Atlantic Ocean!  However, the crowds do distract.


    1. The Blog

      The process depends on the size of your wedding. If you are only inviting a dozen or so guests, then simply pick the place, date, and time. And get married! I advise that beach weddings take place at/before ten o’clock in the morning or after four thirty in the afternoon. I would never recommend that a couple invites more than about thirty guests to a beach wedding unless they had a formal set-up. The waves are beautiful…and loud. The weather is unpredictable. And some older guests may have difficulty with walking. Different beaches have different policies. NYC and State beaches, though, are fairly relaxed because they are public spaces. If you want a more formal setting (chairs, less noise, and an inside option), you may wish to check out the Fire Island Lighthouse. It remains my favorite place for a wedding ceremony in NYC and Long Island.


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