Brooklyn Bridge Park Wedding

This wonderful couple brought along a few dozen guests from the Washington, DC area to marry by the Jane Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

CorneliusHanifa (11)
Wedding Officiant, Brooklyn
CorneliusHanifa (21)
Wedding Officiant, Brooklyn
CorneliusHanifa (45)
Brooklyn Wedding Officiant
CorneliusHanifa (61)
Registered Wedding Officiant, Brooklyn

The boardwalk by the Jane Carousel is a beautiful, popular space for elopements. Every so often, a couple invites a few dozen guests to their ceremony there too!  Along with about forty of their relatives and friends, H+C traveled from a few states away to exchange wedding vows in this picturesque area of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

As I look ahead to winter elopements, I’d also advise considering this location when temperatures dip. If you pick a day and time with the Carousel is open, you will be able to quickly become warm after your outdoor wedding ceremony (or you could marry within the glass structure and still enjoy a water view).

Finally, I am delighted to report that the construction near Pebbles’ Beach in Brooklyn Bridge is nearly complete. If you wish to marry on a mini beach with a great view of the Manhattan skyline, this space — which predates all the newer niches of Brooklyn Bridge Park — is wonderful option.

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