Gapstow Bridge Wedding Ceremony

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An impressively sweet person, E, the bride, glowed beautifully. All brides look stunning! Thus, please pardon me for taking a moment to discuss grooms. T, the groom here, is an equally impressively sweet person. And his suit…his suit is amazing. He even had a pocket watch–and you know I love those too. Those who know me know that clothes are not my thing. (I collect books, and, except for summer stockings, 100% natural fibers+mostly fair trade comprise my only requirements for clothes.) At this point, I’ve encountered enough British (and Irish and Scottish) couples to be able to make an apparel diagnosis. U.K. grooms have the best suits. Yes, other grooms, I need your forgiveness. You probably also had a great suit. Nonetheless, I cannot help but particularly notice the color, the material, and the fit of British suits overall. Look closely, and you will easily see the craftsmanship in a good, classic British suit. Forgive me.

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