Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Wedding Ceremony

MoiraSteven (9)MoiraSteven (14)MoiraSteven (16)MoiraSteven (19)MoiraSteven (28)MoiraSteven (42)MoiraSteven (79)MoiraSteven (80)MoiraSteven (81)MoiraSteven (90)MoiraSteven (103)

I highly recommend that couples consider getting married in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Wedding ceremonies there are sublime. The beauty and tranquility within the various gardens — Osborne, Rose, Japanese, et cetera — create idyllic conditions for a serene marriage ceremony. Best of all, you can rent a garden for the ceremony only or invite everyone you know to an extravaganza. The BBG works equally well for intimate and large celebrations of love. Cherry Blossom season (late April-mid May) and the Rose Garden (June) are perhaps the most incredible places in terms of the space+ time +peak bloom formula. M+S, above, invited close relatives and friends to witness the exchange of their vows to the Osborne Garden in early/mid September. And the Gardens were still lovely! I hope they enjoyed their wedding as much as I appreciated officiating their Brooklyn ceremony!

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