Eloping in Central Park’s Shakespeare Garden


This pair requested that I share a lovely poem as part of the prelude to their vows.

Title: “Milkshakes”: Daydream delusion. Limousine eyelash. Oh, baby with your pretty face drop a tear in my wineglass. Look at those big eyes. See what you mean to me. Sweet cakes and milkshakes, I am a delusion angel. I am a fantasy parade. I want you to know what I think. Don’t want you to guess anymore. You have no idea where I came from. We have no idea where we are going. Lodged in life-Like two branches in a river-Flowing downstream-Caught in the current. I’ll carry you, you’ll carry me. That’s how it could be

They also sent me stunning reflections about the other. These thoughts impart esteem-admiration- and great love.

From S: Six years ago, when J and S were beginning to fall in love; she told him of a dream she had. In this dream, J sat in front of an easel and painted a portrait of sun and sand while a man sat by her side and softly played music. She was a muse for him and he a muse for her. S remembers this story J told him years ago and has known since that day, he was the man in that dream. He knows that J’s dream had great significance. It was her heart’s illustration of the leap of faith she took in search of genuine, mutual, and unconditional love. Reflecting on this today, S discovered it was a foreshadow to their inseparability and a depiction of their everlasting support for each others’ passions and aspirations. J, S believes this dream was the string of fate tugging your paths in line, that it is the foundation of the love you find in each other, and it should always remain to be the reminder that a dream brought together two dreamers to dream together.

From J: S, it is difficult to quantify your value. J believes you to be eternally immeasurable. Though a “computer guy” by trade, your gifts are far-reaching. You are a talented writer who showcases sensitivity with lovely poetry. Your writings are thoughtful, romantic, and heartfelt. Jacquelyn also adore your playfulness, which stems from a childlike purity that is unbreakable by the dark edges of the world. You persevere against all adversity with modesty. This is quality she has great admiration for. Your calm and relaxed manner brings tranquility and balance to her high-energy approach. S, you are a beautiful human being that loves patiently and unconditionally. Though sometimes bashful, your tender eyes and affectionate smile leave a lasting impression on others. J appreciates your loving heart that so often views flaws as strengths. She is grateful that you accept her imperfections and even cite them as a source of your attraction. You have supported her through medical devastation, career experimentation, and personal vision quests. In quiet moments, when she looks at you, J feels complete gratitude that the universe gave her this marvelous person. You are the love of her life.

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