Gratitude All Around

Being a registered wedding officiant in New York is a privilege that I will never underestimate. I am very grateful to all the couples who invite me to perform their marriage ceremony. Witnessing the great love is a true honor. And I am delighted that I can contribute to the joy of those in loving relationships. More testimonials are available by clicking here.

If interested in enlisting me as your officiant after you read these notes, please e-mail me (Judie) at

Below are a few testimonials or thank you notes from couples over the past year.

Hey Judie!….Thank you SOOOOO much for performing our ceremony Monday in Central Park. We literally loved every minute and Bow Bridge proved to be the perfect setting for our wedding. And the skyline in the background. It was breathtaking…..And YOU were amazing. You crafted our ceremony perfectly and we absolutely loved the way you were able to include our personal reflections and weave in our song, poem, etc. You were WONDERFUL and you made our day so very special……Kevin and I spent Tuesday (thanks to the snow), sitting in a cafe, sorting through photos and making this video to share with our friends and family. As we mentioned, only one person knew we were eloping. We kept it a complete secret until we were ready to share this . . .Enjoy! And THANK YOU again!……..C

Hi Judie,….It took us a while to get back to reality after the magical weekend we had, but now that we’re back we wanted to thank you for a peaceful ceremony……You made us feel very comfortable, surrounded by our love to each other, and the love of our family…..We couldn’t ask for anything more, it felt like a fairy tale to us :)….Thank you so much!….H & O

Judie …..Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony yesterday it was a pleasure to finally meet you and have you there with us both on our special day. Thanks again for your patience and understanding due to our delay because of the heavy traffic. Even though we were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of NYC you made us feel as if it was just the 3 of us with your special words to join us as man and wife. You will always hold a special place in our hearts….Love and best wishes…MR & MRS H

Hi Judie,…..M and I would like to sincerely thank you. We received our certificate in the mail already. It was a beautiful ceremony. Thank you for making our ceremony feel so personal and for making us feel so comfortable and relaxed!….N

Hi Judie……We are home safe and sound(apart from a flu 😂) and wanted to message you again to thank you for marrying us. You have helped give us memories that we will cherish all our lives. ….I just wanted to ask if u have a transcript of our ceremony? If not that’s totally fine. Your words meant so much to us we want to frame them 😍😍…..Hoping you are well ❤❤….F

Hi Judie,…..We have been home a few days and have been reflecting on the wonderful time we had in New York City. We wanted to thank you again for the absolutely beautiful ceremony and for all of your thoughtful communication leading up to it. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and to have you there at that significant moment in our lives, and we will always be grateful to you for making it so special! Thank you so very much…..L and C

Hi Judie, than<k> you for being so prompt. The ceremony was everything we asked for. was a pleasure to meet you too. We had a truly fantastic day…some pictures taken off the phone are on Facebook should you wish to look. We left the Rock and went on the subway to Grand Central, cabbage to the Brooklyn Bridge then wasked over the bridge through China town into Little Italy where we grabbed a bite. New Yorkers were fantastic, we literally had hundreds of people congratulate us…..Thanks again M & K xx

Hi Judie, …..We just wanted to say a huge thank you for performing our wedding ceremony yesterday. It was exactly as we had dreamed it would be, if not better. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We got our marriage certificate this morning and have just seen our photos from Vito and we are delighted with it all. ….I hope you have a fantastic holiday season. …..It was lovely to meet you. ….Warmest regards, …L and G

Hi Judie,…..This is a little late, but I just wanted to thank you for being so patient at our wedding ceremony and waiting for the photographer until you started the ceremony. It was such a relief you were willing to do that. Also I really enjoyed meeting you and thought you did a great job with the ceremony. If there is a place online where I could write a review for you please let me know and I will gladly do so. :)….MM

Hi Judie,….I’m so sorry for the late email everything has just settled down over here?! And time has flown. We wanted to thank you so much for your time at our wedding. It was completely perfect the best day we could have ever asked for! The vows your warmth and your whole being while performing our ceremony (and before and after) was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for anything more…..We will be recommending you to everyone who mentions getting married in New York it was perfect! ….So sorry for the length of time it’s taken me to email again we received our license in the post yesterday and it reminded me I hadn’t yet sent my email apologies…..The warmest wishes ….C & G

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