Eloping in the Always Beautiful Central Park

Eloping in New York is fun and easy!
The fantastic Amber Marlow beautifully photographed this amazing couple.

I am so very grateful — so very blessed! — to meet incredibly amazing couples regularly. Like many others, this pair choose to marry in the lovely Ladies Pavilion. The Pavilion is popular for good reason. With its pretty, picturesque views, it also offers shelter in case of rain. Therefore, if you are considering a Spring marriage ceremony in New York, the Ladies Pavilion is an excellent choice. Also, most photographers agree that the lighting is weird in the Pavilion. For professionals, such as the great Amber Marlow, this is not an issue in the long-term.

I did meet one professional who suggested that the Ladies Pavilion possess a hidden benefit. It is one of the few Central Park spots where marrying around High (solar) Noon is advantageous. During the morning or afternoon, the light enters the Pavilion on a slant. Around high noon, the sun is directly overhead, which makes the lighting more even within the gazebo structure.

Below is a note of gratitude from this couple. Still, I believe that I am the lucky one. Marrying them was a privilege!

Dear Judie,…time passes so fast, it’s crazy….We are already two weeks married now and we are so happy to look back to our special day in New York….You made it that special too dear Judie!….And we wanted to thank you once more for your kind words and the lovely elopement we had. ….We wish you all the best!…..Warm regards from Munich,….Hannah & Matthias .. and our little unborn babygirl

If interested in my service as your wedding officiant, please e-mail JudieGuild@outlook.com.

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