Wagner’s Cove Wedding

Classy + Rustic Park Wedding in NYC

Wagner’s Cove Elopement
Eloping in NYC’s Central Park is easy!
Jasmine Photo: as always, thank you for the great photography!
Wedding Officiant, NYC
You don’t need rings to get married.
But exchanging rings is a beautiful tradition for many couples.
Wedding Officiant, NYC
This fabulous UK couple invited a few guests to celebrate with them.
Wedding Officiant, NYC
Yes, you can bring something bubbly to toast your marriage!
Live music in NYC Wedding
Live music is a lovely way to customize a Central Park wedding!
What a lovely couple!

If you love cities and rustic environments, Wagner’s Cove is a fantastic option for your wedding in New York. Especially popular in the Autumn, marrying there in the late Spring and summer are also desirable. I’d only issue a slight warning about Spring weddings here: the paths are sometimes a bit muddy. Also, while it appears as though the gazebo offers shelter from the rain, it is a bit porous and small. Overall, though, I love this spot for intimate weddings!

Again, many thanks to Jasmine Photo — http://JasminePhoto.com — for these great images!

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